"Chris and I have thoroughly enjoyed our first month of bootcamp and continue to have as much fun at our second!  I’ve joined gyms before and gone to tons of different exercise classes but this bootcamp is by far the best thing I’ve ever signed up to. The sessions go so quick (never thought that would ever happen where exercise is involved!) and the thought you put into each session to make them different, challenging and fun is evident at every class.  The classes are never boring or repetitive and you always push us to work really hard (but in a nice way!) meaning we leave with a real sense of achievement... and a bucket load of sweat.  You’re a great instructor and clearly know your stuff and we’re glad we’ve found something we enjoy and that involves meeting new people (as we’re both new to Oxted) and getting fit at the same time!  Look forward to more bootcamp sessions!" Charmaine & Chris Boyles, Oxted



"I can't believe I am saying it... I love it! Sarah is a fantastic instructor- she is very professional and makes every session a challenge but also fun (am I really saying this?). She caters for everyones fitness level and does not make anyone feel inferior, we all work at our own pace and often laugh. I am fitter, stronger and lighter thanks to Sarah at allworkedout and will be back for March camp" 

Tonia, Tatsfield


"I have really enjoyed and benefitted from bootcamp. I know that I have been far too much within my comfort zone at the gym and this really took me outside that and pushed me much harder than I would push myself. Sarah made each session interesting, challenging and different, so that there was no room for boredom or complacency. She encouraged us to do our best and push ourselves as far as we can.  I found the nutritional advice really helpful in encouraging me to see that exercise alone can only achieve so much but for the best results, there's a need to look at what goes into your body as well.I like the holistic approach Sarah has adopted, rather than focus purely on exercise.

After the first session, I could scarcely move the next day, which is how I knew that I was really going to get a lot of benefit out of the bootcamp experience. If anyone has any doubts - just do it! It's hard work but fun to do it with Sarah and other fellow Bootcampers"

Alison, Oxted


"Many thanks for a a very enjoyable 4 weeks boot camp. At the end of the course I lost the following:  21lbs in weight, 12.5 total inches lost and I regained a body and energy levels I have not seen for some 20yrs. This was due to your routines and following your Allowed food plan which I followed as recomended. I now do not have any dairy products, replaced with Soya products and plenty of fish.

I believe if you want to lose weight have a toned body and more energy then Sarah's Bootcamp is the best way forward.

The Bootcamp is great fun and  at times tiring but you make good friends as you are all in it together. As they say, no gain without pain -you get out of it what you put into it. I would recomend the Oxted Bootcamp to anybody who wants to look and feel better"

Brian, Oxted



"Didn't know what to expect at first but we have to say we loved it!! Very hard work but thoroughly enjoyed it!! Sarah is an excellent fitness instructor. Highly recommend going to bootcamp as we both feel our fitness levels have increased! Every session is different and enjoyable - after working out you really feel as if you have worked hard. Sarah covers a wide range of exercises to suit everyone's abilities. Can't wait for the next bootcamp to start!!"

SL and Nass, Oxted


"Just to let you know I am amazed after last night's session. The first one I did (4 weeks ago), when you said to increase the reps and increase on subsequent reps was laughable. I went down in number every time! Last night I managed to do two extra squats and extra reps on some other exercises too. It felt great to see the difference (and feel it in my legs). I haven't been so strict with my diet but I have eaten sensibly and have lost 2lbs per week which I am pleased with. I have also lost 1.5 inches from my bust and bum and 3 inches from my waist. Great!"

Taken from an email from Diane, Edenbridge


"Bootcamp has really changed the way I think about food and exercise; this can be a completely lifechanging experience if you embrace all the ideals. From someone who exercises regularly I feel stronger, fitter and healthier. Sarah is a fantastic teacher and the camaraderie you build in class really helps you to push to try that bit harder. I only wish I lived closer as I would definitely continue and use it as a regular routine"

Emily, Horsham