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When you think of Bootcamp might imagine muddy wet fields, running up and down hills and being shouted at. Well, that may be how some bootcamps operate but that’s not the case here. Although it’s called Bootcamp, ‘Fitness Camp’ would actually be a better description. Think of it as an opportunity to meet new people, have a laugh, work hard and achieve amazing results in a short space of time. You will be pushed to work hard but there will be no shouting; only encouragement to work as hard as you can, with motivation and variety in each workout. You will never feel left behind either- each workout is a personal challenge and you work to your own capabilities. 
In the past, my bootcamps have operated a in a '3 sessions a week, 4-week' format and it's worked really well for the last 10 years (9 to the start of last year's lockdown). The restrictions in place for the last year or so have changed how I can operate my business going forward and as a result I now offer classes in the following format:
The bootcamp will run on a continuous basis with occasional weeks off. All sessions are available as a combination of online (Zoom) sessions and Live (in person). Classes can be bought as a 'pass' and are fully interchangeable between online and live formats. You can do fully online, fully live or a combination of the two to suit you and your timetable. All online classes are recorded and can be requested in place of real-time online sessions. 
Class passes:
£35 (10 online sessions, 5 Live sessions or any combination of the two)
£70 (20 online sessions, 10 live sessions or any combination of the two)
£8/ £4 'PAYG sessions' (One-off live/ online sessions)
It may be possible at some point in the future to return to the format in which my classes once operated, but for the forseeable future, it will run as above. Please feel free to email if you would like further information. 
All classes have now returned to normal but if you would like to bring your own mat, please do.
Monday 7am- Zoom 
Tuesday 9.30am- Oxted Scout Hut
Wednesday 6.30am- Oxted Scout Hut
Wednesday 7.45am - Zoom
Saturday 8am- Zoom
Saturday 9.30am- Gymnasium, Oxted School 
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