Bootcamp Vs The Gym


Many people who join a Bootcamp are already exercisers, some very regular and others not so. Why would Bootcamp give you better, faster results? Consider the following:-                     


                                           All Worked Out Bootcamp    Gym or Health Club    Exercising on own    Diet/ Slimming Clubs    Pills and Supplements

Factors of your success:


Encouragement & motivation           YES                                  NO                                      NO                         Maybe                          NO


Accountability                                  YES                                   NO                                      NO                         Maybe                          NO


Nutrition advice that works               YES                                  NO                                      NO                       Not really                        NO


Firm, toned muscles                         YES                               Maybe                                 Maybe                       NO                               NO


Increased Metabolism                      YES                               Maybe                                 Maybe                       NO                              Maybe


Effective and Fun!                            YES                               Unlikely                               Unlikely                      NO                               NO


Lifestyle changes                              YES                              Possibly                               Maybe                    Possibly                          NO


Amazing results                                YES                                  NO                                      NO                          NO                               NO


There are a loads of reasons a lot of people don’t get the results they want when they go the gym or to classes or even working out at home to DVDs, despite the promises that come with them. You may have a specially designed gym programme but can’t motivate yourself to complete it 3 times a week and, who will notice if you don’t do it? Only you. You may attend a slimming club and have lost a bit of weight- but generally the weight-loss plateaus or stops after a while and you start to become demoralised and your fitness levels remain the same throughout. You may even have ordered the latest must-have weight-loss supplement from the internet but it’s not delivering on all those promises to help you melt fat away. Why not instead invest a month of your time into something that promises to give you results without counting calories, embarking on starvation diets or spending hours slogging away on a treadmill. Bootcamp workouts can burn up to six hours’ worth of calories in just 45 minutes whilst improving your endurance, reducing stress, increasing flexibility and motivating you with the camaraderie of like-minded people.