Additional Information


What should I wear?


You should wear comfortable regular work-out gear. As the classes are all indoors for now you won’t need thermal underwear, scarves, waterproofs or a snorkel (!)- just come wearing your comfortable exercise gear and good trainers. 



What should I bring?


As the Camps are taking place in a hall with no refreshment facilities it is important you bring water with you. There is access to the kitchen but we can’t make any promises with regard to the quality of the drinking water. 


You may also like to bring a towel as you may (will!) work up a good sweat during the sessions. 


Mats will be provided but you may prefer to bring your own- this is completely up to you. 



Am I fit enough to take part?


When you book your free trial session you will be sent an email which contains a health questionnaire (PAR-Q). We ask that you complete this and send it back before the Camp starts. If you have a medical condition that will require doctor’s permission then this will be discussed with you before the camp begins. 


In terms of your fitness levels, you don’t need to be physically very fit before starting the Camp. It’s true that if you are new to exercise or haven’t trained for a while you may find it more difficult to start with but you will start to see your fitness levels improve very quickly. You will be encouraged to push yourself to work hard but you will only work within your own parameters and you will never be made to feel left behind.